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Pioneering The Use Of Digital Services

Internet of Things allows us to connect in ways we never would be possible. From Virtual offices to Virtual environments, the boundaries of technology are being pushed daily, along with its adoption. That’s why we are pioneering the use of digital services within Community Vision. Not only does it directly improve quality and efficiencies for us an organisation, but it also streamlines and delivers transparency to our customers.

Using digital services increases connectivity between ourselves and our customers through services like our IRIS online customer community and our iPad rental initiative. At Community Vision, we offer different types of Digital Services that provide new and exciting ways of delivery of a support service, resulting in greater convenience and access to their everyday supports or exciting alternatives for different kinds of treatment.

Our Digital Services range across many types of platforms, including our iPad Rental Initiative and our Virtual Reality Program, and each of these has a different set of benefits for our customers, and the single link of all these services, is they all allow our customers to connect, their loved ones and us.

Our iPad rental initiative provides our customers access to communication, entertainment and connectivity. But we don’t just give our customers the iPads; we ensure that they know how to use them by teaching them the different functions so that they can get the most out of the service. This service gives our customers the means to communicate with friends and loved ones, wherever they may be, as well as keeping themselves connected through social media and news websites.

Our IRIS system keeps us connected with our customers. The customer platform offers our clients access to information surrounding the organisation, the services we offer, and the services that the customer themselves are receiving. This kind of digital service promotes greater connectivity between our customer and us, as well as providing both our customers and employees with easy access to relevant information, improving efficiency and quality of services.

Focusing on educating and connecting our customers so that they get the most out of the digital services we offer is part of our mission of giving clients ownership and control of their service. Giving them access to compelling and exciting innovations as part of an ever-evolving Digital Service catalogue and then ensuring that they are educated in how to use them, adds another layer to the ownership and control that customers have over their service allowing them to get the most out of them.

If you would like to know more about our Virtual Services, how they work or how they could benefit your organisation, give us a call on 1800 968 754


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