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Connectivity In Virtual Reality

Many people today are familiar with immersive virtual reality (VR) but few are yet to experience it. VR is a multi-sensory, highly interactive platform that enables the user to be “present” in a virtual world. It draws on multiple senses — using visuals, audio, touch and sometimes even smell — to help the user become emotionally invested.

Our Virtual Reality Program provides our customers with some of the most spectacular views and locations that the world has to offer. From the Vatican City, to a place of personal memory, there are all kinds of views and locations for whatever mood you may be in.

We have witnessed people laugh and cry within the immersive virtual environments we provide and we find that the VR experiences we offer can be profoundly positive, so much so it promotes a sense of wonder and can be socially connecting for each of the users, which for people either caring for someone or themselves living with dementia, can be an a truly magical moment.

The utilisation of this technology for such conditions can offer a variety of benefits and is great tool for our customers because it can be adapted and moulded to fit in specific need or want, enforcing our core values of customer ownership.

Our Virtual Reality Program allows our customers to visit bucket list locations all over the world, or experience a deep sea dive, or simulate a space-walk, the potential for this technology is nearly limitless and it’s only going to improve as time progresses. The fact that a technological innovation that has primarily been used for entertainment can also be utilised in a treatment format allows our customers to get the care we strive for, while also enjoying a revolutionary new piece of technology.

For more information regarding our Virtual Reality Program and how it may be able to benefit your business. Please give us a call on 1800 YOUR LIFE (968 754)

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