Meet Lisa Kempster – Our Art Programme Teacher

Lisa Kempster is a well-known and respected West Australian Art Therapist. Lisa is also the creator, owner and director of Wholehearted Art Enterprise.

She is a professional practitioner who has acquired over 20+ years of knowledge and experience working within the Arts Industry.

Lisa is formally educated from both Curtin and Murdoch University, with degrees and Post Graduate qualifications in both Visual Art and Education. Over the years Lisa has acquired numerous Academic Excellence Awards for her academic achievements and contributions.

Lisa is a fully certified:

  •  Art Therapist
  • Art Lecturer & Educator
  • Creative Contemporary Artist &
  • Psychotherapist.

Lisa works creatively freelancing for numerous organisations within Perth, as well as having her own private Art Therapy practice.

Lisa is passionate about all aspects of Art, and her own artworks -predominantly Abstract Minimalistic Paintings and Sculptures, have been exhibited within contemporary Galleries in Australia, as well as being featured within prominent West Australian Literary and Media outlets.

Her personal contemporary Art creations have been purchased by both local and International Art Collectors.

Lisa’s Artistic background is quite diverse, she has worked within the areas of:

  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Design
  • Sculpture
  • Multi-Media &
  • Photography.

Lisa is also a prominent Artistic contributor and Curriculum Arts Creator for some of Western Australia’s largest Art Festivals.

In terms of her business- The Wholehearted Art programmes that she creates and teaches around Perth, are always acknowledged as being unique, diverse and successfully effective. They have been defined as: Educational, Creative, Artistic, Inclusive, Achievable, Stimulating and thoroughly enjoyable by participants.

Lisa works as a mobile practitioner – with participants of all ages and abilities, both individually and within a group context. Lisa will always work within a  “client-focused” format and she ensures that every interaction – is created for the client’s absolute best interest at heart, whilst always having consideration for their personalised specific needs.

Over the last few years, she has chosen to redirect the majority of her work towards the utilisation of Art in a completely therapeutic and meaningful capacity as an Art Therapist.

Through working as an Art Therapist in some of Perth’s largest corporations, Lisa has acquired many diverse experiences.

Lisa has chosen to predominantly focus on her significant areas of interest, thus now specialising in working within four distinct sectors.

  • The Disability Sector
  • Aged Care – Dementia Specific Sector
  • Youths deemed at Risk Sector &
  • Private clients – seeking personal growth and transformation.

Lisa is incredibly caring, passionate and committed to the significant role that Art can have towards fostering positive creative social engagement – as well as the capacity for Art to encourage personal and emotional transformation.

Her numerous and consistent positive testimonials from various organisations, institutions, and private clients – are testament to the fact that she is consciously and actively making a positive difference within lives – through the creative, therapeutic and transformative process of Creative Art.



Community Vision is pleased to announce that our Art Therapist Lisa Kempster from Wholehearted Art Enterprise will be returning for 2020 with another year of new & exciting Creative Art programmes.

These programmes have been specifically designed for Community Vision participants with a significant understanding and appreciation of the needs and requirements for the Kingsley site. This site specialises in providing exemplary services within the Disability sector.

Lisa ensures that each participant in the Art Programme is given a high standard of dignity, care, and respect. Lisa structures each session with attentiveness and ensures that the Art programme is designed as a safe, friendly, inclusive, productive and positive experience for all.

Lisa is a genuinely caring and professional practitioner who has over 20+years of significant experience working within the Arts Industry.

She is also a fully qualified Educator and Psychotherapist.

She has extensively created and taught numerous successful Art & Therapy programmes throughout Western Australia, giving her a wealth of knowledge and experience within this Industry.


Community Vision Kingsley Term 1 2020 Art Programme

Currently, Two Art classes will be offered:

Youth Art Programme & Adult Art Programme

Term 1 ( 10 week Art programme) commencing February 2020


The Community Vision Creative Art programme is designed as a weekly ART class – for any participant that is interested in Art, and would like to have fun exploring, expressing and ultimately creating their own unique personalised Art work each week.

The Art class will be aimed at fostering a Creative and Artistic environment that is:  Educational, Positive, Safe, Respectful, Enjoyable, Achievable and Inclusive for all participants and their differing abilities.

*Please note that No previous Art Experience is needed &that all Art materials will be fully supplied for each participant.


  • Each week a new Artwork will be introduced and will be created by all participants.
  • Participants will be introduced to and will have the opportunity to explore and experiment with an extensive variety of Art mediums.

The following Art mediums may be utilised within the art sessions:

  • Acrylic Paints
  • Watercolour Paints
  • Coloured Pens
  • Inks
  • Markers
  • Coloured Pencils
  • Assorted Paper/Collage materials
  • Oil Pastels
  • Chalk Pastels
  • Wax Crayon Sticks &
  • Clay

Throughout each of the Art sessions, all participants will be introduced to various relevant Art skills and Arts-based information.

  • What the Art medium is and how to use it effectively and creatively
  • Different Art tools and how to use them appropriately
  • Knowledge of Relevant Artists
  • Different Styles of Art and how to create Art within that category
  • History of Art Movements
  • The Elements and Principles of Art & Design
  • The Colour Wheel and Colour Theory Basics &
  • Current Local Art Exhibitions that are present in the Perth Community.

Designated Outcomes and Achievements for participants in the Creative Art programme :

  • To create an extensive and varied assortment of personal Art works.
  • To explore and to experiment with Art materials.
  • To acquire information and knowledge regarding many differing
  • Art Skills and Techniques.
  • The ability to be encouraged to think within a Creative & Artistic manner.
  • To increase Personal Identity & Self- Expression through the process of Art.
  • To be engaged in a Social Community based Art setting -which encourages purposeful positive Social Interaction, Collaboration, Connectedness, and Communication between participants, whilst being conducted within a caring and safe context.

Partaking in Creative Art Making – has been acknowledged as having these Benefits for a participant:

  • Fosters Innovative and Creative Thinking
  • Improves Fine Motor Skills
  • Extends Hand-Eye Co-ordination Skills
  • Improves Decision Making and Problem Solving Skills
  • Increases Lateral Thinking Skills
  • Instigates the opportunity for Verbal Communication & Personal Interaction
  • Increases Focus and Concentration Skills
  • Assists with helping to Alleviate Stress
  • Increases levels of Self Esteem and Personal Accomplishment
  • Assists with improving Visual-Spatial Awareness and Perception
  • Positively impacts the Brain ( in particular the neural pathways ) and Brain Functioning Capabilities.


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