Social Connect: Power Play (Go Karting Joondalup) and Dinner at TGIF

Friday nights are all in at Social Connect at Kingsley!!

We’re going Go Karting and ending it off with a dinner at TGIF. Please bring additional money for food and drinks. Ticket prices are as follows: $35 17+ per lap, $30 10-16 per lap.

More Details:

Please note: Social Connect Nights spots go fast, so please secure your spot early by
following the below steps:

1. For bookings, please contact the Customer Service Team or via 1800 YOUR LIFE (1800 968
754) or make booking in person at the Joondalup office and confirm the days you wish your loved one to attend. Please book 7 days in advance.
2. Make a payment  for the chosen activities. This is done
through the customer service team in head office. Payments for
3. Please also note that any transport fee arrangements are independent of the
charges for the Social Connect program. Pick-up and drop-off is available on request.
4. Please ensure that you arrive at the Kingsley Centre on time for the Social Connect


Cancellations are to be made by calling 1800 968 754.
7 days is required to cancel any days without charge.


May 03 2024


5:30 pm - 9:00 pm



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