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The Power of Music

Music at Community Vision

This year we’ve had a wonderful new addition to our therapy options in the form of music therapy. From March we have had the privilege of welcoming Mei Lyn Woon from Attuned Health to our Woodvale Social Centre every Thursday. 

Attuned Health is Perth’s only music therapy service specialising in supporting adults. Their philosophy centres around maximising life through music and this is a mantra we can get behind here at Community Vision. 

Both a Musical Therapist as well as a Neurological Music Therapist, Mei Lyn is the perfect partner for our customers who would like to try their hand at the lyrical arts. We have already seen some beautiful things happen in our music therapy sessions under her careful guidance. The group participate in a variety of activities from singing, playing instruments, reminiscing through music, and writing song lyrics to tunes they know well. Mei Lyn also offers one-on-one sessions during the afternoon.

We think the best part about this new therapy activity is that we’ve found that we have some excellent dancers in our midst as well as some wonderful singers who have come out of the woodwork. Overall our customers have really enjoyed this new activity and have embraced their inner musicians with open arms. 

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