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Tuesday Night Dinner Club

It’s no longer just your average Tuesday at Community Vision! In the spirit of trying something new once in a while, we’ve started a Tuesday night dinner club. 

Every Tuesday, any of our customers can choose to join the group for dinner club. Each week the group gets to choose a coffee spot for the afternoon and a dinner location for the evening. The sense of adventure knows no bounds for this brave crowd! Recently they ventured to a French restaurant to try eating frogs’ legs and snails. No one had tried them before and the jury is still out as to whether or not they will be back to have them again. 

This wonderful club not only allows our customers to enjoy a nourishing meal, but it also helps them to bond as a group and feel a sense of belonging and community through a mutual love of great food. We’re looking forward to hearing many more stories about the adventures this club chooses for their next few Tuesdays. 

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