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As businesses all over the world continue to adapt to the digital innovations that are available to us, it is important to understand what resources organisations have access to and the benefits they can bring to both customers and employees. One-way businesses can achieve this is by developing a customer platform which can help improve customer relations by providing access to up to date information 24/7.

A customer service platform is a secure, private website where organisations can share account specific information with customers such as invoices, service details and rostered schedules in addition to many more features. These platforms make services much more convenient for customers due to the ease of access of information, and are used to improve the overall convenience that a business offers customers by giving customers control over their services.

At community Vision we have developed the IRIS system which features a customer platform that gives clients control over their support service, calendar, payment information and contact information, as well as an innovative customer community that has been designed for ease of use for both our aged care and disability care clients. Having accessible information enables customers to regain control how and when they receive their support services and help understand more about the services they are receiving and how to get the best out of it.

Another way that Community Vision’s customer portal brings benefits is when customers have access to all of their account information, they can see what updates need to be made or any areas that need to be changed. This brings greater convenience both for the customer and the business as the flow of information is much faster and the process of changing or adding new things is much quicker and simpler when done online instead of on paper. There are other benefits for Community Vision too, having all of the customer information stored in a private, secure place that is easy for employees to access makes it much easier and more convenient for the business to access relevant information when trying to help a customer with a query, or when making any changes to customer or service information.

Having a customer platform that is easy for customers to use and provides greater convenience can really improve on the service that an organisation is able to offer. Should you want more information regarding our customer platform, IRIS in general, or possibly how it could benefit your business, get in contact on 1800 968 754.

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