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Maintaining a healthy and balanced social life provides several healthy benefits, at Community Vision we encourage our customers to get out, socialise and explore with various programs for our different service areas. For our aged care customers, we have our Out & About program which takes our aged care customers to a variety of locations all over Perth, with each location appealing to different interests and hobbies. Our past outings have included trips to national parks, botanical gardens, museums and some of Perth’s iconic shopping districts, like the Fremantle markets. Incorporating variety into this program allows our customers to pick and choose which outings they would like to go on, giving them control and ownership over their lives and services.

For our disability customers, we have the Explorer’s Club explain which is run from our Kingsley Centre, and it gives our clients the opportunity to explore new places all over Perth. Like the Out & About Program, the Explorer’s Club centres around excursions that take customers to locations all over Perth and caters to a variety of interests, however, this program is more centred around getting clients out to find new interests and socialise with other people who enjoy trying new things and seeing new places.

The final excursion program we currently run is our Animal Lover’s Club, this also runs from our Kingsley Centre and involves taking our customers to visit places that incorporate animals. The Animal Lover’s Club takes our customers to many different locations all around Perth that involve animals, from Perth Zoo and Caversham Wildlife Park, to more niche establishments like the Cat Café in Subiaco. This program provides our customers who share a love of animals to socialise, explore and enjoy a great day out with one another.

These programs are designed to get our clients out to visit some of Perth’s best attractions and interesting locations, where they can enjoy a day exploring and socialising with others who share similar interests to them. All of our excursion programs are designed to encourage socialisation and enjoyment, so that customers will not only enjoy their time out with us, but may also find a new favourite place to visit, or a new group of friends to hang out with. Empowering our customers to maintain a healthy and balanced social life is just one of the layers that we add to our services to ensure that our clients are living their life, their way.

To find out more about our excursion programs and the benefits they can bring, please give us a call on 1800 968 754.

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