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Socialising is a very important part of human life, it’s something we love to do and it’s a vital part of living a healthy lifestyle. As we mature, so do the things we want from our of life. We move jobs, houses, cities and sometimes even countries and continents and keeping in touch with those you were close to can soon become a struggle. Organisations like us, place a focal point on the importance of socialisation and the effects it can have on your life so we like to ensure that we have the right services in place so that socialising is an easy, enjoyable process.

At Community Vision, one of the most diverse and well-received services we offer is our social centres, we have our Woodvale Social Club, which caters activities to our ageing community, and our Kingsley Centre, which focuses on our disability customers. These two social centres allow us to offer a variety of different activities to our customers, as well as providing a social hub where clients can catch up with one another, engage in their favourite hobbies, or learn new things.

Our social centres are all about offering variety to our customers, we do this by ensuring that we offer activities and classes that cater to as many interests and hobbies as possible. We have games that range from board games like Scrabble, to video games like Virtual Bowling so there’s something for everyone regardless of what mood they’re in. There’s also several different types of classes and activities that we offer, for anyone looking to take on a new interest, or maybe further an old one, our classes and activities also provide an environment for our customers to socialise with others who share similar interests to them.

We also encourage our customers to take part in the various excursion programs that we run through our social centres, these outings allow our customers to get out and explore several of Perth’s best locations with like-minded people and enjoy a great day out in the process. We have our Out & About program for our Woodvale centre, as well as the Explorer’s Club and Animal Lover’s Club for our Kingsley customers. These activities encourage our customers to get out and socialise with others and potentially taking an interest in some of the other activities offered at our social centres.

Activities and outings aren’t all that we offer at our social centres, we also have specialised technologies and services that are focused around providing respite and reducing anxiety. Some examples of this can be seen at our Woodvale centre, where we offer our Virtual Reality Program, not only can it be great fun for our customers but it can also be a great help for our customers who are living with dementia, helping reduce stress and improve memory retention. We also have a massage therapy room, where customers can receive a variety of treatments from professionals that can help ease joint pain, improve movement, and reduce stress.

Our social centres add another layer to our customer’s services as it encourages them to get out and socialise with other members of the community, which can help increase confidence and self-esteem, as well as help them find new hobbies, interests and friends, further empowering our customers to take ownership and control of their services and lives. For more information regarding our Social Centres and all that we offer there, please give us a call on 1800 968 754.

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