Alternative Supports

As we continue to see increasing COVID-19 numbers in Perth, our focus is to continue supporting you, safely. If you test positive, or you’re in isolation, give us a call and we’ll coordinate alternative supports for you.

Below are just a few examples of alternatives we can offer:

  • If you can’t attend one of our centres we can offer 1:1 in house supports – this can include cooking, arts and craft, doing some study for school-aged children or simply just some companion supports.
  • We can be fully remote and provide Face Time supports – these are video calls directly to an iPad or other device. If you don’t have an iPad we can assist with that too.
  • We can carry out a shopping service for you by picking it up on your behalf and drop it at home, straight to your front door.
  • General weekly check-ins – we can schedule regular calls to check how you are or you can use our Wellbeing App – which will allow you to check in with at regular intervals to ensure you are ok.
  • Medication prompts – can be done over video chat or via text.
  • Prepared meal delivery – this can be delivered to your door and is available all week. You can choose from a menu developed and cooked by a qualified chef.
  • Virtual tour – rather than going visiting places in person, we have a range of these links to keep loved ones engaged and involved. This can also be done remotely.
  • Group video chats – chat with more of our customers to engage and keep involved with other peers, this can be set up on a needs basis.
  • Online supports including creative arts, cooking, prepare a meal, managing money, cleaning coaching, looking for work, fitness workout at home, movie night, gardening coaching grow plants and vegetables can all be available and tailored to your preference and needs.