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Sharing a Meal at Family Dinner Nights

Sharing a Meal at Family Dinner Nights | Community Vision

Every Monday and Wednesday evening at Community Vision’s Kingsley Centre, our support workers hold a mouthwatering cooking class. Our customers regularly participate in the program, learning new life skills and delicious recipes along the way. The hands-on experience, which is supported by the use of recipe scrapbooks, photos and post-lesson discussions, gives our customers the tools to make a variety of healthy and yummy meals.

After noticing how much effort everyone would put in during the cooking classes, our Activity Coordinator saw the opportunity to showcase their talent by hosting family dinner nights. Participants would be able to plan and cook an exciting dinner and each could invite two family members to enjoy the meal with.

We are so pleased that our first two family dinners were successful and we have heard from a number of family members that they were very impressed and thoroughly enjoyed the evening. 

Our family dinner nights offer an endless amount of benefits and are so much more than just a cooking class that passes the time. When planning their meal, participants are encouraged to be creative, to consider food pairings that work well together and to be organised and tidy. Our customers are supported to make decisions, stick to a budget, solve problems and keep a positive outlook when things don’t go quite right. The program also helps our customers to be confident in communicating and holding a conversation with family, support workers and other participants. The sense of achievement at the end of the event can be seen and felt around the room.

We are constantly innovating and launching new initiatives, with our customers directing these outcomes. Our customers are the lifeblood of our organisation so our inclusive programs, activities and care provision will always reflect our mission to enrich lives.

For more information on Community Vision’s cooking program, please call 1800 YOUR LIFE (1800 968 754) or Contact | Community Vision.

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