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Digital Transformation’s Impact on Customer Experience

The development of customer platforms that aid interactions between businesses and their customers is something that offers many benefits to organisations, as it can make interactions between businesses and their customers easier for both sides. Many organisations adopt these platforms to find solutions to various challenges face, for example, they might want to build a system that makes it easier for customers to leave feedback and for employees to be able to access that feedback. Overall developing customer platforms can help businesses navigate many obstacles that stand in the way of efficiency and delivery of a product or service.

At Community Vision, we have developed a customer platform known as IRIS that improves several aspects of our services for our employees, our customers, and governmental services we work in tandem with. IRIS as a customer platform that has been designed to make life easier for the user, whoever they may be. Features range from an employee leave process that includes forecasting requesting and cancelling, to an innovative customer portal and community feature that allows our customers to communicate with one another easily. IRIS has been developed to aid both our customers and our employees to remover the many challenges that we face daily such as rescheduling, additional services and reallocation of care worker away. From the scheduling challenges that we face, to the updating of client records, the development of IRIS has helped us improve efficiency and effectiveness in areas that now enables us to continue to improve the services and support that we provide our customers.

Developing a system that coincides with our values lets us deliver on our promise and empowers us to continue to improve our services through the advancement of technology. We have developed our IRIS system to our business model, which is driven by customer ownership and control and we want every user to feel comfortable and in control of their services to support them in living their life, their way. we provide, so that you can receive the best support possible.

Our IRIS platform has allowed us to adapt as a company through the way we operate and to expand our digital presence. The system makes it easier for customers to see all details surrounding their services and support, it also takes all of the difficulties away surrounding the change of client records and / or the scheduling of services.

Should you wish to discuss IRIS, it’s development, or how our platform can benefit your business, please give us a call on 1800 968 754

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