Providing you with the right level of support you need to stay active and social within your community.

Out and About

Remaining active and social is an important part of staying mentally and physically healthy. However, various factors in our lives can affect our ability to get out and enjoy life and the company of others.

Pursue your passions and keep connected with family, friends and what matters to you. From catching up with friends, attending appointments, to enjoying events and special occasions, we can get you out and about.

Providing companionship is part of the service and creating opportunities to share your interests and passions are our focus for you. See a movie, take a shopping trip, engage in your favourite hobby or indulge your interests, whatever they may be. We have what it takes to keep you connected.

So if you are 50 and over and you’d love what’s on offer at our Woodvale social centre, get in contact today.

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