Community Vision offers quality and small group care for children in over 40 suburbs in Western Australia.

Two Rocks

Neptunes Nippers

Hello! My name is Elizabeth Thompson, Libby or Miss Libby, as some of the little nippers call me.

I am married with daughters, and for ten (10) years as Educator and carer at Neptune’s Nippers Family Day Care, providing education and care in a home-based setting, in Two Rocks, Yanchep and District Surrounds.

I have worked in the Early Childhood Education and Care industry for over twenty (20) years, starting with qualifications and positons held as a private nanny working internationally and interstate, long day care centres, co-ordinator, 2IC, room leader, before and after school services(OSCH) and vacation/holiday care leader, coach and scheduler.

I hold an Advanced Diploma in Children Services, Diploma in nanny/governess, Senior First Aid, WWC, National Police Certificate and ALL legal requirements enabling me to hold position of approved Educator of Neptune’s Nippers.

‘Bringing-it-home OR ‘back- to-basics’ is a term I used which helped me make the decision to exit the Long Day Care Centres. I wanted to provide Education and Care to families within a ‘home-setting’; offering flexibility of Care, smaller individualised attention, healthier group setting and provide and honour realistic options and choices for families in the community, all in a ‘learn-through-play’ setting. The best ever decision! Not only for me, but for my family and my children; as we all needed more flexibility in our busy lifestyle.