Community Vision offers quality and small group care for children in over 40 suburbs in Western Australia.


Judy’s Family Day Care

I have been working in the in the child care industry now for over 20 years, and have a diploma in  Children’s Services and a current first aid certificate and

·      Attend regular in –servicing and training / workshops for professional development purposes.

·      Regularly update my resources and equipment to cover all age groups and development requirements.

·      Work within The National Quality standards and the Early Years Learning Framework.

My service provides a high standard of child care in a warm, safe secure learning environment, where children are encouraged to experience a whole range of fun based activities that are responsive to their strengths, abilities and interests in a play based curriculum.

Children learn to socialise and express themselves in an environment that invites the child to explore, experience and discover through spontaneous play within small groups and as well as intentional learning activities at their own pace.

The wonders of nature are introduced to the children in exciting ways.  They learn to work in the garden and enjoy the many fruits of their labor, care for animals (I have a dog, fish and worm farm),  as well as developing a healthy respect for all that is living and a love of the environment.

The art of listening and building on vocabulary are developed through storytelling, rhymes, puppeteering, singing and many other communication activities.  The emergence of reading, writing and communications skills is developed in a variety of sensorial activities, designed to have them ready for school.

Meals are nutritious and home cooked using the healthiest of ingredients.  Activities are included to teach children the joy of preparing and eating delicious food and understanding the benefits of a well-balanced diet.

My hours are:  7-30  –  5-30,   Monday to Thursday.

Contact: Judy 0422 789 516

Friday, I am available to see parents and welcome the opportunity to discuss your child’s development/progress and any concerns that you may have.