Community Vision offers quality and small group care for children in over 40 suburbs in Western Australia.

About Our Educators

Our educators are carefully chosen based on their experience, professionalism and education. All of our family day care educators strive to enhance your child’s natural curiosity and love for learning and focus on developing the whole child by offering activities that stimulate their social, emotional, physical, and academic needs.

We ensure that your child has the opportunity to explore and grow in a well-equipped environment that is stimulating, safe, consistent and nurturing and our educators are welcoming and offer adequate space to foster child-directed, free-choice play as well as structured group activities. Small activity-based play areas that encourage children to develop skills in essential areas such as fine and gross motor, listening and speaking, logical thinking, problem solving, and prosocial behaviour.

We are proud to provide an inclusive program that welcomes children of varying developmental levels and abilities and it’s our goal to provide every child the opportunity to thrive in a group environment where learning is fun!

We are here to help you

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