Social support with Community Vision is about helping you develop your social skills and resilience.

Occupational Support

Social situations can be intimidating, it’s not always easy to make new friends and to engage in the community.

Social support with Community Vision is about helping you develop your social skills and resilience as well as giving you a safe social space where you can meet and make new friends.

There’s a whole world beyond the classroom and it’s full of choices. Should I continue to study? earn a trade? get a job? It’s a lot to think about but we can help you uncover your options, explore your strengths, and develop the skills to reach your goals.

Our employment support helps prepare you to transition from school and achieve your goals. Whether it be employment; participate in TAFE, college or other community services; help with literacy and numeracy, budgeting, using transport and other life skills; or help to find and keep a job. Our employment support can provide you with a range of supports to assist you in becoming work ready.

The choice of activities you participate in as part of employment support will be determined by you and aligned with the goals in your NDIS plan. For example, you might want to develop budgeting skills or gain independence through travel. Alternatively, you might want to build your workplace communication skills. Your care worker will help you to consider your options that will best contribute to you achieving your employment goals.

Whatever your need we can help you obtain access to the right services that supports you in advancing your education, finding a job and understanding your rights and responsibilities within the workplace. With regular reviews and progress, we ensure that you receive the support that is relevant to you and that you continue to excel in your desired goal.

If social support sounds like something that can help you, contact Community Vision today on (08) 9301 8222.

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