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Differentiating Customer Experience

Customer experience is a broad concept. From digital platforms, call centres, to personalised social support, there are many ways a business can provide unique customer experiences. In today’s modern, competitive world, customer experience has evolved. From personalised online customer portals to enhancing call centres where account managers oversee the complete customer life cycle, there is no doubt that customer experience is a crucial part of how organisations operate.

At Community Vision, we believe that customer experience shouldn’t be limited to call centres and online portals. We ensure that we go above and beyond for all our customers and part of that means expanding our service offerings to make sure that we are providing the best possible experience.  Whether it is socialising at one of our centres, or personalised support, our customer’s experience remains the top priority in everything we do.

Initiatives like our Out & About program are designed to encourage socialisation and connection with their community all while they explore different places throughout Perth with the familiarity and support of our staff. Our 1: 1 service support our customers in their social endeavours, which supports them in getting out of the house in a number of ways, including meeting friends, helping with their weekly shop, or organising and attending medical appointments. Programs like these are tailored to each individual so that they are getting the support that fits them and their lifestyle.  These details are just part of what we do to maximise our customer experience and make sure that they are getting the most out of their experience.

Our Social Centres, located in Woodvale and Kingsley, focus on getting our customers involved in group activities and socialising with others, as well as providing an environment that promotes familiarity and security through a familiar setting and friendly faces. The Social Centres also boast various health support services that can provide many benefits ranging from increased physical health, to memory retention. Our Social Centres provide another layer to the customer experience that we offer.

Customer experience to us. It is about going above and beyond and taking any extra steps necessary to improve the experience for our customers. It’s about more than just providing support; it’s about aiding them to engage with their community and with our support workers. It’s about giving them the opportunity to get out and enjoy new or old things, it’s about adopting new technology that can help in fresh and exciting ways, it’s about giving them whatever they’re looking for.

For more information regarding our services and what customer experience means to us, give us a call on 1800 968 754.

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