Community Vision Woodvale gardener – Arthur

Arthur-CVOur Woodvale social centre has proudly welcomed a new gardener, who’s also a friendly face.

Arthur Sturgeon has visited Kingsley youth space several times a week for the last few years, where he spent his time meeting new friends, taking part in workshops and learning new skills, one of those being gardening, where he helped set-up their vegetable garden.

He enjoyed this new-found hobby so much that when the Woodvale social centre needed an extra set of hands to assist with ongoing gardening work, they offered the 18-year-old paid employment for two days a week.

“Arthur is assisting with watering the gardens, mowing the lawns and general upkeep but his major focus will be to manage a new aquaponics system, which will generate herbs and vegetables to be used within the social centre kitchen,” said disability services manager Manuel Dopico.

Arthur is joining full-time gardener, Peter White, and is excited about his new job. “Peter is nice and calming and good to work with,” he said. “I love cutting the grass with the lawnmower and wearing my green ear muffs. I like weeding and watering the garden and I’m really excited about starting to look after the aquaponics.”

As the Kingsley centre is currently being refurbished, Manuel mentioned that Arthur will also have the opportunity to work in the centre where he first began his Community Vision journey.

Arthur’s story has been included in the August edition of Link Magazine, Australia’s national disability magazine. Click here to read the article.

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