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Community Vision: New Paid Gender Affirmation Leave

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WA not-for-profit community-based organisation, Community Vision, and its subsidiary Fortis Consulting, are pleased to announce the introduction of gender affirmation leave, highlighting their commitment to LGBTIQA+ inclusion and their continued efforts to create an inclusive workplace culture.

The new entitlement, added to the organisations leave policy, will allow for one weeks paid leave. The policy is designed to support transgender and gender diverse employees in affirming their gender, providing flexibility, support and time to undertake their journey in a way that suits them.

Introducing the idea of gender affirmation leave stemmed from the HR Quality and Compliance Manager’s ongoing work towards receiving the Rainbow Tick Accreditation, which supports health and community organisations to understand and implement LGBTQIA+ safe and inclusive service delivery.

Community Vision Chief Operating Officer Yvonne Timson said, “As a community-based organisation in the space of aged care, family day care and disability care, we value diversity and inclusion for all our customers. Everyone deserves assistance during times of vulnerability, so the same values apply for our employees.

“Gender affirmation can be a complex and difficult journey. We want to implement policies that make our employees feel comfortable to be who they are when they come to work, as we offer support, dignity and respect.”

29-year-old Arana Hudson has begun her transgender journey and is a recent employee with the organisation.

Arana adds, “Knowing the gender affirmation leave was in place made me feel welcome here from day one. It’s not just the actual leave that is important to me, it’s knowing that the organisation is looking out for us, particularly on what is not an easy journey for many.

“There is still a lot of discrimination, mainly based around a lack of understanding, but to know that my employer is taking steps like this to be more inclusive and understanding of unique circumstances, just shows how far we are coming in the space of transgender rights.”

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