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Bringing colour to life: Vicenta’s a cut above the rest

Vicenta's Salon

At Community Vision, we are always looking for ways to empower our customers, providing them with confidence to follow their passions. Vicenta’s story showcases how a little help from the Community Vision team has transpired into our latest hairdressing services at our Woodvale Centre. 

Vicenta Nelson has always had a love and passion for hairdressing, but after a lifestyle change, she had given hairdressing up and truly missed it. During a visit to the home of Vicenta, she mentioned to her Care Manager, Rhona, that she used to manage several hairdressers over the years and missed it.

Rhona worked alongside Community Vision’s management team and knew she could empower Vicenta to get back behind the scissors one more time. Together, we created a salon in the Woodvale Social Centre for Vicenta to work her magic for the Woodvale customers. After Vicenta’s first busy morning styling clients, she was treated to a much-deserved lunch. Vicenta felt genuinely empowered by the whole experience.

Come and experience Vicenta’s exceptional styling at our Woodvale Centre. 

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