Break out your TV remotes because it’s time for the Movie of the Week! This week’s film is Moneyball. This movie follows the true story of the Oakland Athletics’ general manager Billy Beane, and his revolutionary strategy to assemble a competitive baseball team with a fraction of the budget of competitors using computer generated analytics. Beane is met with resistance form all angles, coaches, scouts and even fans, due to his non-traditional methods, and when the team gets off to a rocky start because the coach is disobeying him, Beane is the one in the firing line.

This movie stars Brad Pitt as Billy Beane, Jonah Hill as Peter Brand, Phillip Seymour-Hoffman as Art Howe, and Chris Pratt as Scott Hatteburg. This all star cast turn in a stand out performance, telling a tale of uncertainty, conflict and the passion of sports. This film is entertaining throughout and you find yourself constantly drawn in and invested in the characters. Even if you don’t like or understand baseball, put this one on your list and enjoy.