1. What do you do at Community Vision?
    I am Community Vision’s Art Therapist and Art Educator. You’ll find me teaching Art at both of the Community Vision sites – Woodvale and Kingsley
  2. In what circumstances would a customer or other staff member come to you for something?
    Anything that is Art related, with particular regards to our Art Classes, creating and facilitating Art programme’s for an individuals’ specific needs & also any information on our upcoming exciting new Creative Art Curriculums.
  3. What’s one professional skill you’re currently working on?
    A professional skill I’m currently working on- is trying to shorten my e-mail responses, as opposed to trying to write a novel to everyone.
  4. What’s your go-to productivity trick?
    My go-to productivity trick would be writing down a list for everything I need to accomplish within my day, and not stopping until absolutely everything has been completed and ticked off.
  5. Are you an early bird or a night owl?
    I am with every ounce of my being  – a total Night Owl. I’m often Creating Artworks at all hours of the night and most of the time,my Cavoodle dog Mixie is by my side keeping me company when the world’s asleep
  6. Who has influenced you most when it comes to how you approach your work?
    My late Italian Sicilian grandmother would have to be my ultimate Hero in Life. She taught me that you should approach your work – in the same way, you approach your life. With passion, commitment, hard –work, dedication, resilience, laughter and love.
  7. What behaviour or personality trait do you most attribute your success to, and why?
    I would say that I attribute my success down to a culmination of things. This would be: years and years of studies, lots of hard work, having a significant passion for my profession, being genuine and caring towards others, having a naturally optimistic disposition and finally – coupling that with not being afraid to be a strong, independent, and inventive woman in business.
  8. How do you like to start your day?
    I like to start my day with a smile and a positive mindset. It begins by having a glass of iced lemon water  ( even in winter ) followed by a daily outdoor exercise session usually a hike, runs or my favourite – a bike ride.
  9. How do you like to end your day?
    I end my ( long Day ) by going outside into my backyard, bringing a gazillion blankets and pillows with me, throwing them into my Trampoline and laying back in it to stargaze. I’ll then go inside & jump into bed with a good book to read.
  10. What was your first job?
    Not many people at Community Vision would know this about me, but I’m also a qualified Make – up Artist. One of my first jobs was doing Make up backstage for Fashion shows.
  11. What’s a mistake you made early on in your career, and what did you learn from it?
    A mistake I have made many times in my career  – was “taking people’s word for it. Because it’s instinctive of me to operate from sincerity and authenticity, so for me – I initially assumed that all people did the same. I learnt the hard way, that sometimes – what people say and what people mean & actually then do-  are sometimes opposite ends of the spectrum. Have I learnt from it? Absolutely. Nowadays businesswise – I ensure that all contracts I enter and anything important is down in writing, and signed.
  12. What led you to this career?
    Two things: 1) My Love for All things ART & 2) My care for wanting to help people in need. I couldn’t choose distinctively between the two careers – because they were both as equally important to me. When it comes to Art Therapy, I’m so lucky that I have actually found a profession that gets to combine the two. I get to be creative and artistic, as well as being equipped as a Psychotherapist to intervene with various strategies that can positively impact mental well being. I literally truly love my job and it’s profoundly rewarding for me in so many ways.
  13. What energizes you at work?
    What energises me at work? Positive rapport, Effective communication, Good natured-people, being surrounded by individuals with a strong work ethic, kind notes, and the buzz of lots of amazing things happening all around me. It all combines together to create really positive energy.
  14. What drains you at work?
    What drains me at work? Unfortunately, it’s when I see incompetence due to indolence and seeing a distinct lack of effort and commitment that has been put into one’s own work performance, behaviour or duties. I have zero tolerance for it.
  15. What’s one thing that surprised you about working at Community Vision?
    One thing that surprised me about Community Vision was how much support and appreciation there is for the Arts in this organisation. There’s been a very real understanding, on a deeper level of all the positives outcomes ( emotionally, socially, mentally and physically ) that partaking in Creative Art pursuits can bring about for their clients. They’re totally supportive and we’re constantly looking and working towards the implementation of many new Art initiatives together for our wonderful Community Vision participants.
  16. What’s your biggest work pet peeve?
    When I have to partake in professional corporate business meetings with other various major corporations in Perth, and I’m the only female in the room. It disappoints me, every single time.
  17. What’s the biggest misconception people have about your position?
    The biggest misconception about my job would be two things: 1) That it’s Easy – it most certainly is Not an easy role whatsoever And 2) It’s just Art and Crafts. Art Therapy is Not the same thing as your local Art’s n Craft group. We’re trained and certified professionals – not just in Art but also in Psychology.
  18. If you could add one thing to Community Vision office, what would it be?
    It would be to have a massive colourful piece of Contemporary art displayed on the wall – that has been created collaboratively in a fun Art workshop, by the office staff from all of the C.V sites.
  19. If you won the lottery tomorrow what would you do?
    Travel ..Travel and more Travel. I’m fortunate that I’ve already travelled quite substantially, although I would absolutely want to continue to explore & travel all around the world.I’m quite adventurous, so I know that I would thrive on seeking out new locations and immersing myself in the experience of appreciating the location’s people, culture, surroundings, lifestyle, cuisine and language. I would also hope to instigate, create and share in the dual process of collective Art making within these communities,  and to leave a little Artistic creative imprint behind wherever I go.