Julie Downing Features in Aboriginal Figurative Art Exhibition

There’s an extra layer of excitement in the air as we proudly announce that our talented customer, Julie Dowling, is one of the exceptional artists featured in the REPRESENT Aboriginal Figurative Art exhibition. Her work, alongside that of other extraordinary artists, adds a special touch to the rich tapestry of REPRESENT.

This exhibition is a must-see for art enthusiasts, taking you on a captivating journey into the heart of Western Australian Aboriginal art. It’s the first chapter in a fascinating two-part exhibition series, crafted in collaboration with the renowned Whadjuk Noongar artist and elder, Sharyn Egan, and in partnership with the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery’s Noongar Arts Program, Martumili Artists, Mowanjum Art and Cultural Centre, FORM’s Spinifex Hill Studio, Tjanpi Desert Weavers, Warakurna Artists, Yinjaa-Barni Art and independent artists and collectors.

REPRESENT showcases the rich history of figurative art by Western Australian Aboriginal artists, exploring themes of culture, heritage, connection to land, spirituality, history, and the beauty of everyday Australian Aboriginal life. Julie and her fellow collaborators are proud to represent these topics, and their contributions are a testament to the thriving creativity and diversity of Aboriginal art.

Part 1 focuses on the legends of senior artists and the iconic movements that have shaped the representational art landscape. Part 2, scheduled for early 2024, will focus on the new generation of artists reinterpreting these traditions with a modern twist.

It has been a pleasure getting to know Julie over the past year and learning about her life, interests, and incredible artistic talent.  This is now being showcased at the “Respect” art exhibition.  Congratulations Julie on receiving this public recognition of your work.  You are an inspiration not only to the First Nations community but to everyone.  

– Katrina Higgins

REPRESENT: Aboriginal Art Exhibition featuring Julie Downing
Julie and Katrina chatting about Julie's Artworks
Katrina Higgins viewing Julie Downing's Artwork at Represent Aboriginal Art Exhibition

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