Grose greens! How to overcome food aversion! 

Creating hunger for healthy foods is something all parents need to master! So how do you help your little one develop healthy food habits we hear you say? Well, nothing beats modelling healthy habits, so if you want kid-o to chow down on kale and carrot sticks you’ll need to show them just how delicious those healthy foods are by eating them yourself!

Assuming you’ve got the bases covered at home, let’s tackle the ‘out and about’, and your family day care can be a real asset in the war on bedding down their healthy eating habits, all you have to do is ask!

By starting with a few tried and tested favourites like pear slices and watermelon balls you can then switch to stronger tasting foods and then incorporate new texture and flavours, e.g. swap out sliced fresh fruit for some dried apricots or sultanas. You’ll be surprised at just how quickly your little one acquires a taste for those healthy snacks.

So where should you start, we hear you say, well here are some of our favourite snack tips:

  • Cheese, cold meat & crackers – use cookie cutters to cut meats, cheeses, fruit and vegies into exciting shapes for sharing.
  • Blitz up some fruit (fresh or frozen) with yoghurt or milk for a yummy smoothie.
  • Get seasonal – mix up your fruit intake with seasonal fruit to showcase diversity in seasons, e.g. strawberries during summer which are rich in Vitamin C and olives for autumn which are high in Vitamin E.
  • Cook with vegetables when baking – muffins can be fortified with carrots; zucchini and banana.
  • Yoghurt pops – During the summer, slice a small hole in a yoghurt pot and add a pop stick and freeze. Once set, peel off the lid, and you have a home-made yoghurt ice lolly.
  • Hummus – made from pureed chickpeas this yummy dip can be served with carrots or cucumber or as a delicious sandwich filling.
  • Combo mix – toss together pretzels, whole-grain cereal, banana chips and popcorn.

Remember there is no limit on creativity and the world wide web is full of great and simple recipes that will be sure to get your little one interested in his or her greens!

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