Last year, the WA State Government announced changes to swimming pool regulations to increase safety at Family Day Care services. New legislation was predicted to come into play at the end of December 2020, but it is not yet in place. What does that mean for Family Day Care educators? You still have time to transfer to Community Vision as your Family Day Care provider. 

When the new legislation does come into effect, if your Family Day Care location has a pool, spa or water feature, you will be unable to join the Community Vision team. So, if you are ready to enhance and grow your Family Day Care – now is the time! 

Why Community Vision?

From your first conversation with our team, you’ll get a feel for our enthusiasm for empowering educators – and children – in everything we do. Our dedicated team of coordinators will assist you in running your independent business your way while meeting all of your obligations. We understand that building a successful FDC is hard work – so with Community Vision, you’ll get the following benefits to help you achieve your business and lifestyle goals: 

24/7 Support

You’ll have access to a Community Vision coordinator at all times. Our office hours are 8 am – 5 pm weekdays, but we’ve also got an emergency contact line open from 5 pm – 8 am and on weekends. 

Administration management 

The Community Vision team assists with all back-of-house paperwork so you can focus on educating. We manage enrolment and timesheet processing and can offer support for any fee-related concerns or parent statements. 

Workshops and training 

Community Vision runs regular Business Development workshops designed to help you build, grow and future-proof your FDC business. We offer three free training sessions for every educator and offer further training at heavily discounted rates. 

Quarterly Meet & Greets

Bringing like-minded community members together is our vision. That’s why we offer quarterly Meet & Greet sessions for educators to meet other educators, support staff and behind-the-scenes helpers. It’s a great opportunity to learn about how other educators operate and arrange playdates with other groups near you. 

Get in touch with Community Vision today! 

If you want to know more about how the pool legislation changes will affect your unique situation or if you’d like to discuss moving your FDC business to Community Vision, reach out to our team today! You can call us on 1800 968 754 or fill out the form below and someone will be in touch.

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