We’ve all heard it, that famous saying “Don’t just cook. Create”. Master Foods have got it right! Making and playing with food is a great sensory and educational activity that can be shared by all the family. These experiences inspire creativity and willingness to try new flavours and textures.

Development benefits

As your little one develops, their fine motor skills are directly impacted through touching different foods and different utensils. Besides, cooking together is an excellent way to build their communication skills, just by having a conversation.

You can talk about what you are doing, e.g. mixing, measuring, kneading, rolling, cutting, spreading, sifting, and pouring. You can also talk about the different ingredients and what things look, feel and taste like. You can talk about what they are like before and after being mixed together. This all helps to build your child’s understanding and use of different words, and it provides the words that go with these early science concepts.

Other Advances

By making something as simple as your family with your little one, it builds an individual bond between you and your child. By sharing this particular time helps to develop social and emotional skills to evolve their emotional and communication advancement.

Cooking together can provide a great introduction to fresh food and healthy eating habits. Also, it has been proven that, children who help prepare food are more likely to try new foods and when waiting for food to cook, and after getting to eat the yummy finished product helps children develop patience and feel a sense of achievement.


Cooking is the perfect bonding time with your little one; however, supervision is essential. When in the kitchen, it is a great time to teach your child about staying safe – being careful with hot things and sharp utensils.