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Badjaling – ILC Project

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Throughout the year we hosted a number of culturally inclusive events that placed greater focus on inclusivity for people of all abilities and connecting them to Aboriginal history, culture and social development.

Community Vision supported these projects by working towards removing existing barriers to shape inclusion for all members of the community. We achieved this through the Government’s Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) program. With this grant, we were able to facilitate inclusive recreational activities that delivered social connections and supports that drove positive health and wellbeing within the community.

Aboriginal History
We held an event within the Wheatbelt that was designed to connect people of all abilities with their historic past by having elders of the community present to identify pictures and help reveal any significant history that the picture or person within the picture may have held within the community. We are passionate about working towards removing existing barriers of inclusion for all members of the community and believe this connection and learning is paramount to supporting the entire community to succeed for tomorrow.

ILC Project – Concierge Service
Our project aimed to improve people with disability linking into relevant mainstream services, for example, health, allied health, mental health or community services. Placing the consumer at the centre, we researched and mapped existing services, the communities served and the impact of the services on people’s lives. We consulted with consumers, carers and families from CaLD and Aboriginal communities within three pilot areas – Northern Region (Pilbara), Perth Metro and the Wheatbelt. We engaged with CaLD and Aboriginal communities in the build and design of a model that they felt would better support their needs. We then produced a community-based mentor model, leveraging off pre-existing community networks and trust relationships.

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